Standard Operating Procedure for URL recategorization


User reports a website is blocked and receives a message that includes the site is blocked due to policy.


NSU subscribes to a third party URL filtering tool. The URL that is being accessed is listed as a domain in a blocked category. Most categorizations are correct and should remain blocked. However, newly registered web sites can remain listed as in the parked category.


  1. Review the website from a system on the outside of the firewall, such as a cell phone with wifi disabled.
  2. If site is in correct category, no further action is needed.Stop and close ticket.
  3. If site is incorrectly categorized, such as is the case of newly registered domains in the parked category, continue these procedures.
  4. Go to, and search for the URL into the search field.
  5. Click Request Change
  6. Select a more appropriate category, description or explanation, and email address.
  7. Submit Query.
  8. You will receive an email from the support org with your request.
  9. Up to 24 hours later, you will receive an email with the disposition.

Correctly Categorized site:

Incorrectly Categorized Site:

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