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How to use the Client Portal to search the Service Catalog, Submit a ticket for service, or view your tickets.

Documentation related to Colleague

Documentation related to Blackboard for Students and Staff.

Documentation related to general NSU WiFi connection

Information pertaining to OIT Security Services, such as Duo MFA and VPN, and common questions.

For Student Support needing assistance with MyNSU Login, First-Time Students, Spartan Innovation Academy, WiFi, Password Resets, and Polices.

For Faculty and Staff Need Help?

These articles are a set of instructional videos on getting started using the Student Planning registration application. Student Planning is a new comprehensive online advising tool at NSU. The application allows for course planning, registration, and degree audit. Students create a plan as a guideline for when required courses will be completed. Courses are planned based on available terms. Advisors review and approve planned courses of their advisees. Students schedule sections for approved courses in advance of registration. During registration periods, students register with one click. And, as courses are completed, students track their progress toward degree completion. Student Planning is easy to use and accessible via computers, laptops, and smart mobile devices.

Instructions Sheets for all classrooms with technology.

Guardian User Guides, Training Videos, and Campus Kazien Online Support. Hyland OnBase User Guides, Training Videos, and Hyland Online Support.

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Backing up files and data

Instruction on showing endusers how to back up their files and data.

How to Install Additional Microsoft 365 Applications like Project and Visio

Installation of Microsoft 365 applications outside of default bundle

How to use Microsoft OneDrive

This document provides steps on how to upload/share files & folders, request users to upload files into Microsoft OneDrive

How-to add and remove printers

This document covers how to add printers from the new Print Server ( and remove the old printer from your printer list.

Microsoft Outlook 365 Global Address List (GAL)

The Global Address List (GAL) is the address look up feature in Office 365. It contains email addresses for individuals and resources, excluding those that are hidden. Office 365 uses the Global Address List to supply email addresses when you are composing a message or inviting individuals to meetings.