Backing up files and data

Manually Backing up DATA

When backing up your data, you must have some offline storage device such as: 

  • USB Jump/smart drive
  • External drive.

Items to back up 
You should remember when doing a backup that there are several items/folders that you should back up. They include:

  • Files and folders in My Documents
  • My favorites
  • Possibly your desktop (Some people save their files on their desktop)

Note: These instructions do not include backing up program files.  Program files should be installed from the original application CD/Download/USB.

To access your storage folder, you must be logged onto the network with your PC/Network username and password. Faculty and staff have storage on their M: drive.

Regardless of what version of Windows you use, you can manually make a backup copy of any file or folder by following these steps:

Most user data is in the user folder and subfolders in the path C:\Users\username\Documents

1. Right-click on Start and select File Explorer

At the top menu click Select all