OnBase Unity Client Document Retrieval



Documents can be retrieved from the Document Retrieval pane without specifying search parameters. For additional information on Document Retrieval, download the Client User Guide located on the left side of this page.


1. In the Home tab, click Retrieval

2, The Document Retrieval layout is opened. Ensure that the Document Retrieval pane is expanded.

3. From the first drop-down list in the Document Types and Groups pane, select the Document Type Group containing the type(s) of document(s) you want to retrieve or select <All> if you plan to retrieve documents from more than one Document Type Group. You can also select a Document Type Group by typing the name of the Document Type Group.

4. From the Document Types list, select the Document Type(s) to be included in your search:

You can also select a Document Type by typing the name of the Document Type.
To Select multiple Document Types, press Shift or Ctrl as you click,

Note: Some Document Type Groups do not require you to select a Document Type in retrieval. To determine whether a Document Type Group is Group Search Enabled, select that Document Type Group from the drop-down list. If the Document Type Group is Group Search Enabled, the Find button is available when the Document Type Group is selected.

5. Press the Enter key or click Find:

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