Spartan Innovation Academy (SIA) FAQ for Hardware Assistance / Ownership / MDM

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FAQ for Spartan Innovation academy can be found on the NSU website: Spartan Innovation Academy | Norfolk State University - Norfolk State University (

A reiteration of the Hardware Assistance and Ownership guidelines is below: 


Accidental Damage or Factory Defects -- Repair


Certain items in your SIA kit have AppleCare+ For Schools (4 Year) Coverage. You can get accidentally damaged items replaced for a small deductible ( Please see the deductible amounts at the end of this document OR learn more here: )

What in my SIA kit has an AppleCare+ School (4 Year) warranty?

  • iPad or MacBook
  • Apple Pencil
  • Case for iPad

What in my SIA kit does NOT have an AppleCare+ School (4 Year) warranty?

  • Apple AirPods Pro.
    • One Year limited warranty against manufacturing defects only. See more at:
    • You may purchase your own Apple AirPods Pro AppleCare+ coverage on your own. NSU cannot process returns for this device and must be done through Apple directly.

What if a device breaks, and it has AppleCare+ for Schools (4 Year) coverage?

  • You can get it replaced via Warranty Return with Client Services during selected time periods




8:00 AM to 12:00 PM


12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


8:00 AM to 12:00 PM


What if a device breaks, and it does NOT have an AppleCare+ for Schools (4 Year) warranty?

  • You can contact Apple to see if they are in the coverage period to attempt a return.
  • You can purchase a new product to replace one that is broken.

Lost or Stolen


What happens if an iPad or MacBook is lost or stolen?

  • Regardless of warranty status, if an iPad or MacBook is lost or stolen, there will not be a replacement available.

What happens if an accessory (Apple Pencil, Keyboard Folio, AirPods Pro) is lost or stolen?

  • You will need to replace the accessory on your own.


Purchases and Sale

May I sell my iPad, MacBook, or accessories?

  • No, unless you have purchased your iPad from the University and received notice that it has been removed from Mobile Device Management (JAMF), you may not sell the iPad, MacBook or Accessories. They are still property of NSU until you graduate or leave the university and pay for the device.

May I buy my iPad or MacBook from the University?

  • Yes, when you graduate you will only pay $1 to purchase your device. You may also purchase your device for a depreciated value based on amount of time you have owned the device if you leave the University for any other reason. Please see the depreciation schedule at the end of this document.

If I buy my iPad or MacBook from the University, what happens to the AppleCare+ For Schools (4 Year) Coverage?

  • The coverage follows the device. If the device still has warranty coverage, ownership of the device will allow the coverage to be used.


Mobile Device Management

Why do I need to login with my university ID to setup my device?

  • While you are using the device at NSU, the device is enrolled in a mobile device management system. Logging in connects the device to your id so that we can keep track of inventory and ensure every student has a device.

What restrictions are in place for the Mobile Device Management system?

  • NSU cannot access the data on your device. We are using the management system for the following purposes:
    • If lost of stolen, we can put the device in lost mode so that the device is unusable until it is returned to the University.
    • To track inventory and to ensure that a student received a device.
    • Push and update applications that will make it easier to access NSU services (ex. Blackboard, myNSU Mobile).

Will the MDM system ever be removed from my device?

  • Yes, once you graduate / leave and pay the purchase price, the Office of Information Technology will remove the MDM control from the device.




AppleCare+ For Schools (4 Year) Coverage: 


Each Covered Device is eligible for up to two (2) Service Events every twelve (12)-month period from the date of your Plan purchase as specified on the original sales receipt. Any unused Service Events will expire and you will get two (2) new ADH Service Events to use within the next twelve (12)-month period of continued coverage. All other Plan benefits continue throughout.


iPad / MacBook Depreciation Schedule (Purchase Price based on time owned)



Time Period

Payoff Amount

Now – Aug 2022


Sep 2022 – Aug 2023


Sep 2023 - Aug 2024


Sep 2025 – Graduation






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