Unable to Access View Projects or Budget to Actuals


The Office of Information Technology is aware of an issue with Budget to Actuals and View Projects. When users click the Budget to Actuals icon (or View Projects), they are taken to a script that reads, “You are not authorized to view the requested page”.

Users Who Encounter This Issue:

Clear Browsing History for Chrome: 

  1. Open Chrome.  At the top right of the screen, just below the X that closes the browser, click the three dots in a vertical line
  2. On the menu that appears, click History
  3. On the second menu that appears, click History again.   (Click History on the right, then the left.) 
  4. On the left side of the new screen, click Clear browsing data
  5. In the new window that appears, click Advanced at the top. 
  6. Use the down arrow to open the dropdown menu and choose All time (if it isn’t already there). 
  7. Make sure the following boxes are checked: 
    1. Browsing history
    2. Download history
    3. Cookies and other site data
    4. Cached images and files
    5. Site Settings 
  8. Click the Clear data button.
  9. Close Browser.
  10. Reopen Browser.


Clear Browsing History for Firefox

  1. Open Firefox.  At the top right of the screen, click the first icon (It looks like books sitting on a shelf). 
  2. On the menu that appears, click History
  3. On the second menu that appears, click Clear Recent History
  4. In the window that appears, use the Time range to clear dropdown menu to choose Everything
  5. Ensure all boxes are checked in the History section and check the Offline Website Data box in the Data section.
  6. Close Browser.
  7. Reopen Browser.

Wait until the system finishes clearing the cache before trying again to access Budget to Actuals or View Projects.

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