Hyland OnBase NSU Training Day 2: User Testing Kickoff



The NSU UT Kickoff is designed to be held directly after the Train-the-Trainer Training session while training is still fresh in the participant’s minds. The designated NSU testing coordinator leads this session and guides the testers in testing the system according to the test plan that NSU has developed. After a brief introduction to set expectations around testing, User Testing commences, and Hyland Solution Consultants assist with any training issues that come up and resolve any issues. All issues must be tracked in the Hyland Community issue tracking system.

The customer is responsible for the following to ensure a quality testing experience:

  • The Customer develops test cases based on agreed-upon business process and functionality requirements.
  • The customer is responsible for the documentation and execution of the User Testing plan.
  • The customer is responsible for testing the solution and reporting issues to Hyland during the test period.
  • Hyland will support the Customer’s testing of the configured solution. Hyland will make any required changes to the solution to fulfill any items that are prohibiting the solution from functioning in accordance with the agreed requirements.
  • Once the user testing period is complete, the solution will be migrated to the Production environment. Changes requested post-go-live will require a change order.
  • An issue isn’t an issue unless it is documented within the issue tracker.

Who should attend?

  • NSU Project Manager
  • NSU Sponsor/Team Lead
  • Hyland Project Manager
  • Hyland Solution Consultants


Hyland OnBase Training Day 2: User Testing Kickoff.

Click on the image below and use your NSU credentials to view Day 2 training.


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