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Below are common questions we receive. Some of them are from the Duo help pages and Common Issues.


“Your email access has been blocked” email message in iPhone native mail app

A message in the iPhone's native mail app states “Your email access has been blocked” instead of DUO prompting to approve access.

There are two options to resolve this:

1) Delete your account from the iPhone's mail app and add it back. If asked what type of account to add, use "Microsoft Exchange."

2) Download and configure the Outlook app from the App store or Google Play store.


Does Google own Duo? I see the Duo by Google in the app store.

Duo Mobile is owned by Cisco. Install the "Duo Mobile" app. The Duo app owned by Google is a type of video app and has nothing to do with MFA.


What is the passcode on the Duo Mobile app for?

It is a backup to the Duo MFA push. Sending a push that pops up a message to approve or deny login is the primary and easiest way to approve logging in. However, if you find you do not have a network connection, you use the passcode. To do so, you open the Duo Mobile app, refresh the passcode and enter it into the Passcode field of the Duo window.

It can be used for VPN, too. It is a bit less intuitive, but, it can be done. When you enter your password in the Anyconnect window, immediately follow the password with a comma followed by the 6-digit passcode. However, if your password has a comma in it, this will not work.


What do I do if I receive a Duo notification my account is locked?

Duo MFA is configured to lock accounts after 3 unsuccessful attempts to login with Duo. It will automatically unlock after 15 minutes. 


What do I do if I did not receive a pop-up to approve my login?

First, open the Duo Mobile app on your phone.

There are several reasons for this to happen. Network connection issues with the phone are the most common. It may be waiting for the latest updated version, or an update recently occurred and notifications need to be reset. If the issue continues, close the app completely and check your notification settings. If off, turn on and open Duo mobile.

For more iOS options, see Troubleshooting Duo Push notification issues on iOS devices.

For more Android options, see Troubleshooting Duo Push notification issues on Android devices.


When I login to Cisco AnyConnect (VPN), nothing about Duo pops up on my screen. Is it working?

Duo MFA is mandatory for all users, including VPN. When you login to VPN/AnyConnect, Duo will send a silent push to your phone.  Keep your phone close and open the DUO app for you to approve your VPN connection.


What do I do if I receive a message stating the link or activation code is invalid?

If you receive a message while going through the enrollment process that a link or activation code has expired, odds are you have already activated Duo Mobile. To verify open the Duo Mobile app and look for a 6 digit code within the Norfolk State University section.

Another reason is the link or activation code has expired. Activation codes and links are only good for 24 hours. Contact Client Services and a staff member can send a new enrollment email to your NSU email or activation code to your phone.


What do I do if I am locked out of Duo?

Duo MFA has been configured to lock accounts after 3 failed attempts. It will unlock after 15 minutes. Client Services can unlock the account.


How do I resolve the error "Bad request timestamp" when using Duo Authentication for Windows Logon? 

Duo is dependent on time. If the time is off on your Windows computer, you could receive the "Bad request timestamp" error.

This is most common with laptops that are not on campus. The correct solution for this is to reset the BIOS time. Client Services can help with this. For immediate access, turn off wireless and disconnect any network cables. If the network is not available, it does not use Duo.


I lost my phone or need to replace it. What do I do? 

First, if you lost a device owned by NSU, contact the Police Department and file a report. Whether the phone is one from NSU or not, contact Client Services. They will update Duo and put you in touch with Security to see if it can be erased.

If you are replacing your phone and still have the old one, login to TDX or Zoom and select settings before approving your login attempt from your old phone. There you will have the ability to add a new phone or reactivate a replacement.

If you do not have the old phone, when you receive your new phone, contact Client Services to add/reactivate it to your Duo account.


I thought I setup Duo correctly on my phone, but when I try to login, it states I need to be enrolled. What do I do? 

This is often caused when the setup process was not completed. You may have added your phone to Duo, but the app did not complete the process. Contact Client Service to see if they can send an activation code to your phone.


I am unable to get past the Duo screen. What do I do? 

As a way to bypass Duo MFA, Client Services can generate a bypass code good for one login. This can be used to add a new phone or a replacement.


Does Duo affect my password changes? 

Yes and no. The expiration date and notifications to change your password do not change. Passwords still expire in 90 days with 5 days of notifications before expiration. The change is the the process. This only applies to Windows: 

Before Duo, you would login to a Windows computer and be prompted to change your password immediately. Once changed, you would then be logged into your computer. The change is being prompted twice by Duo MFA during the process. When you login to the Windows computer, Duo will pop-up for the second approval as usual. You are then taken to the screen to change your password. Once you enter your old password, enter your new one twice and continue, Duo will pop-up a second time to confirm your ID. Then you are at your desktop.


I don't see my issue here, what do I do?

Contact Client Service by opening a support case within TDX, emailing clientservices@nsu.edu, or calling 757-823-8678.

Additional resources can be found at the Duo Guide to two-factor authentication.


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