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Don't approve if you didn't login!

Remember, Duo MFA is a second factor to prove who you are. If an attacker gets your username and password, they will still be required to use Duo. This means you would receive a Duo notification when you didn't try to login. Attackers try this in hopes you are not aware enough and just push approve.

Duo - Easy Enrollment

The easiest way to enroll after receiving the enrollment email.

Duo and Cisco AnyConnect/VPN

Duo MFA is mandatory for all users, including VPN. When you login to VPN/AnyConnect, Duo will send a silent push to your phone. Keep your phone close and open the DUO app for you to approve your VPN connection.

Duo Campus Announcements

Prior Campus Announcements can be found here.

Duo Enrollment

Guides to Duo Enrollment

Duo Enrollment Email

Click here to confirm you received the enrollment email from Duo.


Frequently asked questions about Duo Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

Duo Tech Talk from September 2021

September 2021 Tech Talk.