Faculty Certification Capstone Registration

PER (34-10, 2021) Distance and Correspondence Education Policy, Proficiency to teach distance and/or correspondence education will be demonstrated by a faculty member’s successful completion of the Office of Extended Learning (OEL) Faculty Online Certification Program or a test-out option. Faculty who can document the completion of an online teaching certification program
from another regionally accredited university/college or national agency/organization or have extensive online teaching experience may be certified to teach after successfully testing out of the OEL Faculty Online Certification Program.
The Faculty Certification Capstone Workshop explores common features and tools in the Blackboard Ultra course environment providing a venue to demonstrate your ability to construct a prototype online course module, week or unit by utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired in the Learn Essentials Training or by  your previous knowledge and experiences.

Upon successful completion of this workshop, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Utilize the Capstone toolkit to design and deploy a prototype online course module in Blackboard Ultra
  2. Evaluate and recommend course design modifications using Quality Matters Specific Review Standards Rubric-6th edition
  3. Use and implement best practices for course design integrating effective student communications and interaction
  4. Complete and submit all the required forms for your Capstone project
  5. Design one (1) module, unit,week or chapter in your capstone development course project.

A registration form is provided here to begin the enrollment process.

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