LMS (Blackboard) and Instructional Technology Support

Find support services for online teaching and learning through the Office of Extended Learning here.

The Office of Extended Learning (OEL) provides a range of faculty and student services in support of online and residential learning. OEL services include learning management support (LMS), instructional design services, training and orientations, and instructional technology Support.

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Blackboard LMS Support

LMS (BLackboard) Support

Submit Requests for LMS Support for Faculty, Students, and Administrative Users

Faculty Training

Faculty Training Services Provide for those who seek facilitated and non-facilitated online course training and support designed for faculty, course builders, and staff administrators who will be teaching, facilitating, or building courses. The services here designed to get you comfortable navigating the current Learning Management System, building instructional content, creating assessments, and working with engaging your students or participants.

Apple Device Support

Use this category for access to support for Apple Devices.
You can resolve issues with the LMS (Blackboard) on your Apple mobile products as well as get general information.

Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology Services helps educators deliver highly engaging, interactive, and personalized learning experiences. Our goal is to help faculty and programs to eliminate geographical boundaries, facilitate communication and collaboration, and enable better access to a variety of information and instructional content.