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This is the new automated HR-1 form to request a new hire. The Type of Actions you can request using this form includes Original Appointment and Re-Hire

This service is a request to hire for a new or open position using Title III, NSU Foundation, or Sponsored Programs funding. The Type of Actions you can request using this form includes Original Appointment and Re-Hire.

This service is for recruitment. Requests must include the complete package of documentation (Employee Work Profile, job duties, organizational chart, and an explanation for the requested action) that must be submitted with this form.

Gaming consoles, televisions, and other IoT devices use the wireless SSID SPARTAN-GAMES.

Setup NSU computers, laptops, devices, or printers, and/or gain access to an existing one.

Information on repairing or setup an NSU Apple Computers, iPads, and Macbooks

Information on repairing NSU Computer desktops, iMacs, laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, iPads, and devices

Requests for user account assistance General (Name / E-mail address)

This non-facilitated online course is designed for faculty who wish to become familiar with NSU's premier learning management system, Blackboard Learn Ultra by Anthology.

Submit a Blackboard Change Request Here

Install academic software on desktops, laptops, and Macbooks

This service allow users to register for the Faculty Certification Capstone. This course is certification is a requirement to demonstrate your ability to teach in the online environment and is a requirement for online instructors.

Have questions about using the Service Catalog?

General questions related to IT Security and Policies.

MyNSU Password Reset

Having an IT issue and need help?

OEL Live Chat allows you to get quick answers to ed tech questions and support when you need it.

Error Received upon logging into Microsoft 365.

Information on having a problem with printing or printer needs repair

For those needing admin access to workstations and/or servers, and they provide support for access, such as academic labs.

Colleague UI, Self-Service, MYNSU, Informer and Synoptix related issues.