Services A-Z (105)

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Academic Software Installation

Install academic software on desktops, laptops, and Macbooks

Account Name Changes

Requests to alter a user's account (Name / E-mail address)

Apple Blackboard Support

Apple Blackboard Support for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience Links

Apple iPad Checkout


Apple Products

Information on repairing or setup an NSU Apple Computers, iPads, and Macbooks

Application Support

Submit a request for Support with supported Third Party Applications

Audio Visual and Media Production

Submit a request for the OEL Studio and Other A/V services

Awareity MOAT Security Awareness Questions or Issues

This form to ask questions regarding the MOAT Security Awareness Training or to report any other issues.

Awareity MOAT Security Awareness Training Reinstatement

MOAT Security Awareness Training and Reinstatement Process


Blackboard Change Requests

Submit a Blackboard Change Request Here


Cable TV Support

Cable TV Support

Can't Send/Receive Emails?

Client having issue with Office 365, cannot send/receive emails

Colleague Access Request

Colleague Access Request

Colleague Application Issues

Colleague Application Related Issues

Colleague Custom Computed Column

Custom computed column request for Colleague

Colleague Financials Access Request

Colleague Financials Access

Computer Hardware Repair

Information on repairing NSU Computer desktops, iMacs, laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, iPads, and devices

Conference Calls Support

Conference Calls Support

Content/Media Design

Content/Media Design

Course Design

Submit a request for instructional design support


DNS Updates

Requests for assistance with Domain Name System ​​​​​​​(DNS) changes



Any Issues related to Elevate Application

External Account Creation

This Service is used to create account for various applications that are connected through SSO but require a local account


Faculty and Staff Account Access issue

Faculty and Staff Account Access issue.

Faculty and Staff Laptop Request

Faculty and Staff Laptop Request

Faculty and Staff New Accounts, Returning, or Change Access Request

Faculty and Staff Account Access Request

Faculty Certification Capstone Registration

This service allow users to register for the Faculty Certification Capstone. This course is certification is a requirement to demonstrate your ability to teach in the online environment and is a requirement for online instructors.

Faculty User Support

Faculty Create a Blackboard Support Case Here

Faculty/Staff Colleague System Issues

Colleague UI, Self-Service, MYNSU, Informer and Synoptix related issues.

Fax Lines Help Center

If you are experiencing any issues with your fax line or need to have a line installed or moved, submit a request here.

File Sharing, Departmental Folder, Shared drive, or Sharepoint

Request new or access to a file share, departmental folder, shared drive., or sharepoint

Firewall Change Request


General IT Security and Policies Questions

General questions related to IT Security and Policies.

General User Account Support

Requests for user account assistance General (Name / E-mail address)

Group Membership Changes

Requests to change a user's access to Shared Network Resources

Guardian Access Requests

Request or change access levels and user roles.

Guardian Application Support

Guardian Application Support for end-users

Guest General Inquiry

Guest General Inquiry


HR1 Request for Hire (Grants)

This service is a request to hire for a new or open position using Title III, NSU Foundation, or Sponsored Programs funding. The Type of Actions you can request using this form includes Original Appointment and Re-Hire.

HR1 Request for Hire (Non-Grant)

This is the new automated HR-1 form to request a new hire. The Type of Actions you can request using this form includes Original Appointment and Re-Hire

HR1 Request for Hire (Work-Study Students Only)

This is the new automated HR1 form. This form is used to hire new Work-Study students and returning Work-Study students who are transferring to a different department.

HR1 Request for Recruitment

This service is for recruitment. Requests must include the complete package of documentation (Employee Work Profile, job duties, organizational chart, and an explanation for the requested action) that must be submitted with this form.

Hyland Access Request

Request or change access levels and user roles.

Hyland OnBase Support

Request service with Unity Client and other technical support.


Information Request

Have questions about using the Service Catalog?

Instructional Technology Training

Instructional Technology Training

iPad Support with Mobile Service

iPad support for new services or issues (connectivity issues or will not hold a charge, etc.)

Issue/Problem with Webpage

Use this service to report an issue with an existing webpage. This may include broken links, typos, and/or accessibility issues.

IT Policy Violations

To report or remediate policy violations


Kronos Application Support

Kronos services include troubleshooting and configuration assistance for End Users


Learn Teaching Essentials Registration

This non-facilitated online course is designed for faculty who wish to become familiar with NSU's premier learning management system, Blackboard Learn Ultra by Anthology.


Media Sanitization

The computers and printers will be wiped clean and re-imaged with the NSU Standard for reuse.

Microsoft 365 Application Errors

Microsoft 365 Applications not working as intended

Microsoft 365 Licensing Errors

Licensing Error Message Received on Login

Microsoft 365 Login Errors

Error Received upon logging into Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Messaging Errors (Email / Exchange)

E-mails that fail to send or are not received by recipients

Microsoft Office 365 Installation

Install Microsoft Office 365 on desktops, laptops, and Macbooks

MiFi Support

MiFi support for new services or issues (connectivity issues or will not hold a charge, etc.)

Mitel Connect Client Support

Request the Mitel Connect Client software.

Mitel Desk Phone Support

Requesting new service or changes to existing phones

Mobile Phone Support

iPhone or Samsung mobile support (new phone eligibility, voice mail reset, or phones will not hold a charge, etc.

myNSU Mobile

Issues concerning myNSU mobile application


Network File / Folder Sharing / Troubleshooting

Requests for assistance with File and Folder Sharing

Network Port Activate or Deactivated

Activate or deactivated network port

New Personnel Control Number (PCN) Request

The New Personnel Control Number Online Request Form is designed to document when a personnel control number (PCN) is needed at Norfolk State University. The request is to be used solely for additional full-time personnel.

New Project Intake Service

This service is for new project requests.



NSU Computer, Laptop, Devices, and Printer Setups

Setup NSU computers, laptops, devices, or printers, and/or gain access to an existing one.

NSU Printer Repair

Information on having a problem with printing or printer needs repair

NSU Undergraduate Application Issues

Admissions Application Portal Issues


During one’s stay or visit to NSU, wireless is available for Students, and Faculty/Staffs


OEL Support Team Chat

OEL Live Chat allows you to get quick answers to ed tech questions and support when you need it.


Password Issue

MyNSU Password Reset

Policy (Coming Soon)

Click here for policy, information, and violations.


Report a Problem with Classroom Technology

Need assistance with technology in the classroom

Report a Virus, Phish, Other Malicious Emails

Report a Virus, Phish, Other Malicious Emails

Report CVE or flash vulnerability disclosure

For reporting information related to flash messages from security agencies regarding known exploits or vulnerabilities in the wild that could adversely impact faculty, staff, or students

Report Telephone, Mobile Phone, or Mobile Device Issues

Report any telecommunication issues you are experiencing

Root/Administrative Request

For those needing admin access to workstations and/or servers, and they provide support for access, such as academic labs.


Server Application Installation Support

Server Applications not functioning / not working as intended

Server Creation Requests

Request for new server creation.

Server Termination Requests

Requests for Server decommissioning

Shared Mailbox / Distribution List / Microsoft 365 Group Creation

Creation of Shared Mailboxes / Shared Calendars / Distribution Lists / Microsoft 365 Groups Creation

SharePoint / Teams Site Creation / Troubleshooting

Creation of SharePoint and Teams sites

Slate Access Request

Request or change access levels and user roles.

Software and Configuration issues

Report having issues with software or configuration issues.

Software Purchase Approval Request

Request approval to purchase a new software to be installed on NSU computers or server.

Spartan Games

Gaming consoles, televisions, and other IoT devices use the wireless SSID SPARTAN-GAMES.

Spartan Guest WiFI Connection

During one’s stay or visit to NSU, wireless is available for public use for our Guests

Special Events Technology Support

Special Events Technology Support

Staff User Support

Staff Users Create a Blackboard Support Case Here

Streaming Support

Submit a request for streamed events

Student MYNSU Issues

This service is for any general student issues that are related to Colleague, MYNSU or Colleague Self-Service.

Student Support

Students Create a Blackboard Support Case Here

Surplus computer equipment, devices, and printers

Surplus computer equipment, devices, and printers

Survey Request

Request for a new Survey or to edit a current survey.


Training on the use of Classroom technology

Learn how to use classroom technology


Having an IT issue and need help?


Virtual Study Room

Request a Virtual Study Room Here

VPN Access Request


Web Application Support

Requests for assistance with unspecified NSU web application

Web Applications

Web Application assistance such as Work Study, SAVES, Course Evaluation or to request a new web application


Zoom and Microsoft Teams Support

Zoom and Microsoft Teams Support

Zoom Webinar License Reservation

Zoom License Request